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Rough Raw Flash Labradorite sizes from 1.75 to 3+inch

Rough Raw Flash Labradorite sizes from 1.75 to 3+inch

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The Appearance of Labradorite is usually pale gray, dark gray or black characterized by its beautiful, vivid flashes of colors, from the rarest purple, and pink flash to gold, yellow, orange, peacock blues and greens.  The Labradorescence, or play of color, and light that are seen comes from deep inside the stone, depending on the light and angle at which you look or turn the stone, as if you're looking at the beauty of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights within this beautiful stone.
Known as the most powerful protector creating a shield like force, while strengthening your aura.  Great to have in times of change, new house, Marriage ect.   Brings good luck, lucid dreaming, insight, communication between the physical and the spiritual world. 
 Labradorite works with both the physical and the spiritual aspects of oneself. It aids in helping build on your own psychic ability. It helps you look within and self-reflect as well as ground and protect oneself allowing you to work with your own psychic gifts or intuition in a safe and healthy way.
Labradorite also helps keep your energy field clear. Perfect for empaths who have a tendency to pick up other people's emotions.

These are 100% Natural Crystals/Gemstones.  Each piece is unique in its size, shape, color and characteristics.

Raw or Rough Crystals & Gemstones are the most Natural form of a Crystal.  Raw or Rough Crystals/Gemstones are mined.  They are Not tumbled, polished or treated in any way.  Thus, keeping their unique natural energy and vibrations stronger and intact.

Crystals and Gemstones are Not meant to diagnose, treat or by any way take the place of a licensed Medical Doctor or physician.  

Listing is for 1 chunk raw rough labradorite with 1 informational card per order.

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