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Peacock Ore 2 pcs Bright Blue, Purple and Teal Chalcopyrite Bornite Crystal

Peacock Ore 2 pcs Bright Blue, Purple and Teal Chalcopyrite Bornite Crystal

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2 pieces of Peacock Ore
Peacock Ore Known for its breathtaking appearance, these stones feature swirling shades of deep blue, teal, purple, pink, yellow, and more. Most samples also have a signature iridescent sheen, giving the rock an out-of-this-world appearance.
Peacock Ore is a rough stone with iridescent metallic colors. It is a naturally occurring stone whose vibrant appearance is a tarnish. Because the tarnishing only happens on the top surface layer of the stone, it cannot be polished, because to do so would remove the colors! It is a stone of creativity and blessings that helps to enhance creative energies and stimulate new ideas. Connecting with this crystal also boosts feelings of joy and uplifts your spirit, which amplifies its properties for peace and protection. When you are looking for an energetic pick-me-up to raise your vibration and brighten up your life, the peacock ore is your crystal. It reminds us to not take ourselves, or our spiritual life, too seriously. It whispers to our heart that the Divine wants us to laugh and dance whenever possible. Peacock Ore helps us to stay in the present moment and to find peace wherever we are, regardless of the circumstances.

Listing is for 2 pcs Top Quality 2 to 2.5cm A+ Peacock Ore, with Informational card.

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