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Natural Rainbow Eye Obsidian Rope Necklace

Natural Rainbow Eye Obsidian Rope Necklace

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The natural phenomenon of the Rainbow Eye Obsidian. Made when lava cools rapidly, Usually solid black , However sometimes natural magnetite will enter into the stones formation. Allowing a beautiful array of colors deep within.  While the Rainbow Obsidian still appears solid black, When you hold it in the light the rainbow colors are seen.  

It is said that the rainbow obsidian grounds a person by the root chakra,  and allows light to enter,  overtaking any negativity, and helps lighten depression or past trauma.

Each Natural Rainbow Eye Obsidian is 12mm,  on a 22 inch adjustable rope necklace.

every Rainbow Eye Obsidian is unique,  in order to see the color within it has to be looked at with light.  

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