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# 1 selling Ghost Ball & Stand Paranormal Communication Light up trigger object for Spirit Communication

# 1 selling Ghost Ball & Stand Paranormal Communication Light up trigger object for Spirit Communication

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The Original Ghost Ball, with Wooden Stand now included with lower price

Wooden stand is great for making sure the ghost ball doesn't move on its own, because of soft or uneven ground.

   Spirit Communication Trigger Object.

Please Read for directions on how this works.

Great For Paranormal Investigations, or Just Communicating Individually.

Ball is approximately 1.5 inches, which allows it to go anywhere easily.   Must be touched to go off.  Does not go off randomly...  

On/Off button

LED Lights, makes capturing on camera or video easy. When it goes off lights flash for approximately 3 to 5 seconds.  

If you ever thought of ghost hunting, or paranormal research, or just Wanta play around in your own home, this is a great start.  

Can use one ball or try out two for yes and no answers.   

Directions to use.

Just push down red on off button. when lights flash (shows it's turned on and working) set the ghost ball down, on flat surface. Floor, bed, cabinet ext. 
Ask your questions. If the ball lights up. Something is willing to communicate. I always ask yes or no questions. I ask spirit to light up ball for yes. (The first question should be, " is there anyone who would like to communicate with me. If so, please touch the ball to light it up. ". (If you are new to the paranormal, please understand, Not every spirit, ghost, or energy wants to communicate. Sometimes you will get answers to your questions for a long time and then it just stops. Other times even though you have gotten the spirit, ghost or energy to communicate 1 day does not guarantee it will the next.) Please Contact Me if you need any help or have questions. As a long time,2nd Generation, paranormal investigator I look forward to helping.

My favorite tool for paranormal investigating.
You will not be disappointed.

This item does not drain like other paranormal equipment I've used. I still don't understand why this is not affected like other batteries. When turned off when not in use it will last for months. I have tried everything i can think of to make it able to change battery, with doing that it compromised the ability to stay shut and apply the pressure needed to get it to work properly. you cannot change battery in this item. I try to reflect that in the price of this item. I have been working with this item and using it for years before putting it for sale. This is a top-rated item.

Please contact me for any questions or concerns always happy to answer or fix any problem.

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