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Empath Triple Protection Bracelet 6mm Natural Selenite, Lava Stone, Black Obsidian beads 8 inch

Empath Triple Protection Bracelet 6mm Natural Selenite, Lava Stone, Black Obsidian beads 8 inch

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Selenite - Lava Stone - Black Obsidian 
Shield - Clear - Protect
Selenite - Hematite- Black Obsidian
Shield- Balance -Protect


Empath Must Have, Provides wearers with a powerful overall protection.  Shield, clear and protect your energy from negative and low vibrational entities, and energies.

  Selenite gives us a shield of protection, representing wisdom, spirituality, purity, and peace, as it cleanses all negative or old stagnant energies, Transforming one's space, person or objects into pure comforting light. Perfect for setting new intentions for spiritual work and meditation. 

  Lava Stone is a grounding and calming stone.  It gives us strength and courage, provides guidance and understanding and is very useful in dissipating negative feelings, emotions and energy. Add your favorite essential oils to give yourself an extra boost.

Hematite- Protection | Grounding | Confidence


Hematite Stimulates concentration - Protects - Helps refocus the heart, mind and actions - Focuses energy and emotions - Dissolves negativity - Aids spiritual grounding and balancing - Boosts self-esteem, survivability, self-confidence and willpower

 Black Obsidian  is a stone that prevents negative energies from attacking or attaching to you, your psychic balance, or energy. Helps to overcome fears and keeps your thoughts and energies positive. 

comes in white box

listing is for 1 selenite-lava stone black Obsidian bracelet,  8 inch stretch bracelet with 6mm natural crystal beads.

 Crystals and Gemstones are used by many healers around the world, and within many faiths. They are Not meant to diagnose , treat or by any way take the place of a licensed Medical Doctor or physician.  


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