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Black Onyx Natural Madagascar Mined tumbled with info card

Black Onyx Natural Madagascar Mined tumbled with info card

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Black Onyx
Powerful Protection Stone
Prevent Draining of Personal Energy
Emotional and Physical Strength

Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy and emotions.  Helps aid in decision making. Great to have during times of grief, stress or confusion.  Helps aid in support of one's own self-discipline.  Helps heal old wounds and past life issues that may be subconsciously lingering and interfering with your true potential in this life. Black Onyx is a stone of Joy and good fortune.  Great for empaths for protection against energy draining.  

This is only a small description of each stone's unique energy.  Much more can be found online and in many books.  Working with Crystal energy is much easier than a lot of places make it.  if it feels right, Its Right!!!!!!!  Let the energy speak to your subconscious.  

Cleansing your Crystals:  Just like us crystals pick up bits of energy and need to be cleared of all that energy from time to time.  2 of my favorite ways that will not harm any crystals or stones.

  1.  Place your Crystal on a window seal at night, where moonlight can do all the work for you.  When you wake the next morning, your crystal is ready.
  2.  Grab your Sage, light it and gently wave your crystal in the cleansing smoke.


These are Natural Crystals/Gemstones.  Each piece is unique in its size, shape, color, and weight. Imperfections are a natural part of every Naturally formed stone, bringing with it the unique beauty and characteristics only yours will have.  

Crystals and Gemstones are used by many healers around the world, and within many faiths. They are Not meant to diagnose, treat or by any way take the place of a licensed Medical Doctor or physician.  

listing for 1 natural black onyx stone 2.5- 3+ cm approximately 

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