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Black Obsidian Raw Rough Tumbled or Set of Both

Black Obsidian Raw Rough Tumbled or Set of Both

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Black Obsidian
Protection | Clearing | Grounding
Black obsidian has been used through the ages to connect the spiritual world to the physical one. It has a very strong ability to absorb negativity and smog, Helping the user to see things clearer. The perfect and most powerful crystal for spiritual connection, grounding and protection. Its strong connection to earth and to nature make it the ideal stone for tapping into other spiritual realms and unlocking their potential. Black obsidian is formed when a volcano erupts, and the lava cools very quickly.

This listing is for either:
1 piece of 3-4cm Natural Tumbled Black Obsidian approximately 1.5+inch
1 piece of 5-7cm Raw Rough Natural Black Obsidian approximately 2 -2.75+ inch
1pc of Raw Black Obsidian 5-7cm & 1pc Tumbled Black Obsidian 3-4cm

you will receive 1 information card for black obsidian.

Raw or Rough Crystals & Gemstones are the most Natural form of a Crystal. Raw or Rough Crystals/Gemstones are mined. They are Not tumbled, polished or treated in any way. Thus, keeping their unique natural energy and vibrations stronger and intact.

These are 100% Natural Crystals/Gemstones. Each piece is unique in its size, shape, color and characteristics.

Crystals and Gemstones are Not meant to diagnose, treat or by any way take the place of a licensed Medical Doctor or physician.
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