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2pc Jade Natural Green Jadeite Abundance Crystal Prosperity Gemstone with Info Card

2pc Jade Natural Green Jadeite Abundance Crystal Prosperity Gemstone with Info Card

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Abundance - Wisdom - Peace


 Helping increase wealth and prosperity 

 Aiding in finding balance and peace

 Providing protection against accidents, and negative energy                

 Attracting love and money

 Green jade is a stone of abundance. It can help you release & relax into the abundance of the Universe. Green jade supports you to believe in and accept your Divine birthright of abundance. Jade is nurturing and carries the energy of the Earth and nature. It is a joy to hold and work with, as it radiates harmonious well-being.  If you tend to spend too much time working or worrying, green jade can help you release the over-thinking and feel the joy and simple pleasures of being alive.

If you find yourself drawn to the Jade crystal, it could mean that it's time for a much-needed pick-me-up. The Jade crystal properties give you the wisdom and ability to see past self-imposed limitations and Energy blocks. Add Jade to your crystal collection and allow the stone to help you discard any negative patterns holding you back from your full potential.

Place Jade in your purse, wallet or jar where you keep change or where your money is held.  It is said when jade is put with money, it helps attract more. 

These are 100% Natural Crystals/Gemstones.  Each piece is unique in its size, shape, color and characteristics.

Crystals and Gemstones are used by many healers around the world, and within many faiths. They are Not meant to diagnose, treat or by any way take the place of a licensed Medical Doctor or physician.  

Listing is for 2pc Natural Jade Disk 1.5cm approximately for carrying in wallet, purse, or change jar.  Comes with informational card and small Satin Bag

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