How Crystal Engery Helps

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Can gems in jewelry change your feng shui? Feng shui is more than just moving furniture around. It’s about changing the energetics of your space as well as shifting your own personal vibration.

One could argue that the way you wear jewelry and clothing mirrors the way your home “wears” paint and furniture. Gemstone adornments on our bodies can change our feng shui the same way that crystals and space clearings can improve the flow of qi in our homes. In fact, many feng shui practitioners wear specific gemstones to empower and enhance their own personal qi. Many other healing arts also use precious gemstones to create energetic pathways and remove energy blocks.

You don’t need to be a feng shui expert or energy healer to wear gemstones and receive vibrational benefits. If you wear gemstones that are magnetic and appeal to you on a deeper level, it's probably healing for you. A particular gem may call out to you because it is resonating with your energetic vibration.

You can use them with a desire to lift up your qi or simply because they are beautiful.