Palo Santo Holy Wood 4 inch Stick

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Palo Santo

.5 - .75 inch thick 4inch long

“Holy Wood”

Palo Santo Benefits

  1. Cleansing of negative energy. One of the most amazing qualities of the Palo Santo tree is its ability to cleanse everything it comes into contact with.
  2. Maintaining an atmosphere of peace and harmony. It helps to cleanse the room from negative energy. 
  3. Relaxation. 
  4. Expansion of consciousness. 
  5. Therapeutic effect
  6. Attracting positive energy. 
  7. Beautiful Smell

For centuries,  Palo Santo was used by shamans to cleanse themselves from negative energies, attract positive energy, restore peace and balance,  improve concentration, aid in meditation  and heal people on the physical and spiritual levels.

Palo Santo Sticks can be used in 2 different ways.  First you can place the stick on a shelf, table, alter, car... the stick itself is a strong remover of negative energy and will bring with it positive energy.  Second you can burn the stick

Burning Palo Santo Sticks

You can burn the stick to purify your aura and to cleanse the energy of your house.

When you burn the sticks, you not only purify the energy from the negativity but also attract positive energy into your space.

How to Burn Palo Santo Sticks

Holding the stick by one edge, you set fire to its tip on the other side. Wait until a small part of it evenly lights up. Then carefully put it out, blowing or waving it in the air. Let the smoke rise freely in the air.  If you want to cleanse the energy of any objects – bring the stick close enough to them and make a few circular movements around to make smoke gently envelop them. Or just put the smoldering Palo Santo next to you for a few minutes.

The same can be done for cleansing the space. Just walk around the room, bringing a smoking stick to each corner. If the smoke begins to fade gently blow on the stick.

To conduct self-cleansing, move a burning stick in a circular motion from head to toe.

When you have done all the necessary actions, you can put a burning stick on a ceramic saucer, shell or any other refractory stand. The stick will extinguish itself after some time

this listing is for 1pc Thick Palo Santo Wood Stick 4 inch long .5-.75inch thick

Not to be used in place of a medical doctors treatment or advice.  Please note all measurements are approximations because we are all limited by the precision of the measuring tool we are using.

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